Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday Night at the Fair

Tammy's Kids 2009
Retiring County Council Members surprise Tammy on stage
Twister by the new county council members
Share-the-Fun Winners
"I Gotta Girl", a dance routine by Trent Moeller & Kaytlan Bockenstedt of the Lodomillo Leaders
"Arms of an Angel" song by Brianna Sparrgrove of the Lodomillo Leaders
"She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy", a skit by Rebecca Curran, Chelsea Curran, Wyatt Galwe, Autumn Schuety and Austin Schuety of the Ful-O-Pep 4-H Club

Trent & Kaytlan

Luana Ramblers 4-H Club

MaryAnn & Kendra
MC's of the Show

Senior Style Show
Clothing Selection Winner: Kristty Lueken, Woodcenter Eagles
$15 Challenge Winner: Amy Doeppke, Highland Helping Hands
Fashion Revue Winners: Miranda Walz, Giard Future Farmers &
Rachel Heims, Woodcenter Eagles

Intermediate Style Show
Clothing Selection Winner: Rachel Moser, Mallory Minks
$15 Challenge Winner: Nick Boehm, Marion Happy Hustlers
Fashion Revue Winner: Chelsea Curran, Ful-O-Pep

Junior Style Show
Clothing Selection Winner: Michael Lueken, Woodcenter Eagles
$15 Challenge Winners: Anna Tuecke, Worthwhile &
Luke Orr, Highland Helping Hands
Fashion Revue Winner: Emma Rose Kerns, Woodcenter Eagles

Ribbon Cutting
Jim Hosch Memorial Arena

2009 Fair Queen & her court

Parade of Flags

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