Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clayton County Fair Memory #1:

I remember my very last day of my very last fair as a senior 4-H member...it was tragic!! I didn't want to leave the grounds. I walked around watching others leave, disassemble barns and booths, and clean up. I bet I stayed til midnight, just wandering and reminiscing. I felt that if I left, I would have lost every memory I had ever made in all my 4-H career! I wanted to soak up every last minute!! I remember staying overnight in the barns, going to the dances, riding the Zipper and flipping 88 times in a row, getting on County Council, riding the old merry-go-round, showing my first cow, and running in the rain...because it always rains! 4-H was such a large part of who I was, and it still is today! It seems silly now as I am so involved as a leader, volunteer, youth committee member, and summer intern for the extension office, but it's true...I was heart broken that it was all over and my summer highlight was coming to an end.
I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to continue working with the Clayton County 4-H program and get to continue to create fair memories. It still, and forever will be the highlight of my summer! What can I say, I bleed green...4-H green! =D

Nate Weber
Age 22

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Check us out, follow us, and stay up to date with all the 4-H happenings in Clayton County! Also, take a look at the Clayton County Fair website...it will tell you all you need to know about the livestock shows, grandstand shows, and other must see attractions!

What are we reaching for??

The stars of course!!
Our goal is to have 100 fair memories posted by the end of the Clayton County Fair! You can play your part by being a guest, or should I say "Celebrity Blogger", on THIS blog! Stop by and share your story anytime throughout the fair, August 5th-10th!

Clayton County Fair...BLOGGERS WANTED!!

The Clayton County Fair is just around the corner, August 5th-10th! We are looking for "Guest Bloggers" to share their 4-H experiences and publish a blurp from what they remember about being a 4-H member in Clayton County! Picture it, your words right here on this Blog! HOW SWEET!!
With a computer set up on the fair grounds and a monitor to help you in case you get stuck, you can tell the rest of the world how the Iowa 4-H program or Clayton County Fair has impacted you and/or your children's lives.
Please take the time to stop by and let us hear your stories! We know you're full of them!!