Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clayton County Fair Memory #1:

I remember my very last day of my very last fair as a senior 4-H member...it was tragic!! I didn't want to leave the grounds. I walked around watching others leave, disassemble barns and booths, and clean up. I bet I stayed til midnight, just wandering and reminiscing. I felt that if I left, I would have lost every memory I had ever made in all my 4-H career! I wanted to soak up every last minute!! I remember staying overnight in the barns, going to the dances, riding the Zipper and flipping 88 times in a row, getting on County Council, riding the old merry-go-round, showing my first cow, and running in the rain...because it always rains! 4-H was such a large part of who I was, and it still is today! It seems silly now as I am so involved as a leader, volunteer, youth committee member, and summer intern for the extension office, but it's true...I was heart broken that it was all over and my summer highlight was coming to an end.
I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to continue working with the Clayton County 4-H program and get to continue to create fair memories. It still, and forever will be the highlight of my summer! What can I say, I bleed green...4-H green! =D

Nate Weber
Age 22

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